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Which Bride Are You?

Your flowers, decor & wedding are a reflection of who you are



The traditional bride favors elegant and regal flowers, in shades of White, Green and Gold. Lush, cascading bouquets, tall and elegant arrangements in candelabras are ideal for a traditional formal wedding at any formal venue.
Traditional flowers: Roses, Lily of the Valley, Hydrangeas, Gardenias and Lilies


The modern bride favors bold colors and unexpected combination of flowers. With a need for something new, flowers will be bold, unusual and always very structured.
Modern Flowers: Calla Lily, Cymbidium Orchid, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Tulips


The romantic bride will have an eye for soft color combinations, feminine flowers and ultra dainty details. Shades of Pink, Lavender and Red accented with candlelight will always set a romantic tone.
Romantic Flowers: Roses, Peonies, Sweet Pea, Dahlias, Anemones and Hydrangeas


No fuss for the minimal bride. Neat, simple arrangements will always ensure a refreshing and uncomplicated look. Multiple arrangements of a single flower in groupings will be perfectly placed at restaurants, banquet halls or any outdoor venue, and set a minimal, clean look.
Minimalist flowers: Tulips, Amaryllis, Orchids and Flowering Branches


The retro bride looks back to the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s for inspiration. The “ Hollywood Glamour” look is a favorite. All white flowers in vintage candelabras, sleek Black and White decor and rich, Red arrangements with a Gothic feel will always catch the eye of the retro bride.
Retro flowers: Callas, Casablanca Lilies, Cattleya Orchids and Baby’s Breath, which must be in abundance.

BouquetChoosing Your Flowers and Decor

Aside from your dress, selection of your wedding flowers and decor is one of the most exciting parts in planning your wedding. Seasons, venues and your style should all be considered when making your selections. Your color scheme is also VERY important when selecting your flowers and decor.



For winter weddings White, Gold and Silver are ideal. Branches and crystals will transform any space into a magical, winter wonderland. Red is also a great color for winter weddings. Rich Red arrangements accented with branches, berries and snow will create a warm yet cool winter theme.


For spring you will find a wide selection of flowers. Most flowers are in abundance in the spring. Tall, flowering branches are also at their prime during the spring season. Consider flowers in shades of Lilac, Pink, Peach, Yellow and Green. All are perfect for a spring bride.


During the summer, bold and fiery colors work best. Lush tropical flowers in shades of Red, Orange and Purple will sizzle. Large tropical leaves will also work well for summer weddings and look right at home in hotels, gardens and lofts.


Fall weddings are rich in color. Brown, Burgundy, Dark Orange and Purple are perfect choices for the fall. arrangements accented with berries, apples, pumpkins and fall leaves will make any venue feel like a genuine walk in the woods.